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Singapore An Introduction

Physical location:

Singapore is an island city state located at the southern most tip of Peninsula Malaysia 
The main island of Singapore is 42 k.m. from the east to west and 23 k.m. from north to south. 
The total land area is 647.5 square k.m. Average daily temperature is a maximum of 30.8 degrees C 
in the afternoon and the minimum is 23 degrees C. just before dawn . Average daily relative humidity is 84.4 % .

Population: projected total population target 6.5 million by 2030

Total population: (source: SDOS & ICA)

1970: 2.07 million (2.01m SC/SPR & 61,000 foreigners)
1980: 2.41 million (2.28m SC/SPR & 131,000 foreigners)
1990: 3.05 million (2.74m SC/SPR & 311,000 foreigners)
2000: 4.03 million (3.27m SC/SPR & 745,500 foreigners)
2006  4.48 million (3.60m SC/SPR & 875,000 foreigners)
2007  4.5886 million (3.1338 SC / 0.4492  SPR & 1.0055 foreigners)
2008  4.8394 million (3.1644 SC / 0.4782 SPR & 1.1967 foreigners)
2010  5.08 million as at 31/06/10 (3.2m SC / 0 .540m SPR & 1.31m foreigners 
2012  5.31 million (3.285 SC | 0.533 PR & 1.494 non residents)
2013  5.40 million (3.313 SC | 0.531 PR & 1.554 non residents)

Singapore citizens and permanent residents

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Medical Examination for Foreign Workers, WP, SPass, EP, DEP,  Foreign Students & SPR  

Medical Examination is required for foreigners who applied and obtained in-principle approval for 
Student Pass, Work Permit, S Pass, Employment Passes of 6 month's duration or more, Long Term 
Immigration Passes and Permanent Residence. The Medical Report from a Singapore registered doctor 
should be submitted in person by the applicant. Issuance of the Student Passes, Work Permits, S Passes. 
Employment Passes, SPR will be subjected to the outcome of the medical report.  Call Steve 65-98365486 
to make arrangements. Cost of normal medical exam is S$50. For express or same day result the cost is $100


Work Permit Holders

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Employment Pass Holders

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S Pass

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Student's Pass Holders

It is an offence under the Singapore Immigration Regulations for a foreign student to attend school 
without a valid student pass. A foreign student seeking admission to a kindergarten, private school 
or an institution of higher learning e.g. university or polytechnic should approach them directly for 
admission. Donation to the Education Fund of the Ministry of Education is not required for admission 
to a kindergarten, private school or institute of higher learning.  The present foreign student enrolment 
in Singapore at 6/2013 is 77,500 (a decline over prior years)

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Singapore Laws

Foreigners working, living or visiting Singapore are subject to Singapore laws. Singaporeans and 
foreigners are accorded the same protection under Singapore Laws. The trafficking and possession 
of illicit narcotic drugs carries the mandatory death sentence. Overstaying or entering illegally in 
Singapore is a serious offence and on conviction the penalties may include mandatory imprisonment 
and caning. Employers hiring illegal workers are also severely punished with huge fines plus possible 
caning for repeat offenders. 

Examples of Some Offences and their Penalties

Application for Singapore Permanent Residence & Citizenship

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Singaporeans & Foreign Spouses

Immigration rules have been relaxed to allow Singaporean women who marry foreigners to bring 
in their husbands. From 2nd Jan 1999 Singaporean woman can sponsor her foreign husband for PR 
so long as the family has the means to support itself. Foreigners who have ever work in Singapore 
under Work Permit scheme must obtained the prior written approval of MOM before contracting a 
marriage with any Singaporean or SPR. Failure to adhere to this MOM ruling can cause the 
offending party to be barred from entering into Singapore. 

Long Term Pass


Singapore Income Tax Liability for Foreigners

Foreigners have to pay tax on income earned in Singapore and the amount of income they have to 
pay would depend on how much they earn and their tax residency. Source: IRAS Advisory to 
employers Ref: 2010/F&C/1/2010

Period of stay Tax Resident Status Tax Implications
183 days or more Resident All incomes will be taxed at progressive resident rates. Tax relief can be claimed
61 to 182 days Non-resident Employment income is taxed at 15% or progressive resident rates, depending on which results in a higher tax. Director's fees and other income are taxed at the prevailing rate of 20%. Tax reliefs are not allowed
60 days or less Non-resident The short term employment income is exempt from tax. Director's fees and other income are taxed at the prevailing rate of 20%. Tax relief are not allowed

Caution : No one should rely on any of the above information without first verifying the accuracy and validity of the contents with the relevant experts or proper government authorities in Singapore. Email us for general enquiries

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